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Level Up Your Game

Let nothing hold your sessions back from greatness!

Our bookcase filled with Dragon Magazines and Props

What We Do

The Bronze Coin is twofold. Firstly a website dedicated to fostering a stronger community of roleplayers, and secondly a physical location for immersive and feature-rich gaming.

We pride ourselves on providing tools for finding, maintaining, and promoting great games, as well as offering a tailor-made space for the ultimate experience. We do this by offering the expected:

  • Forums
  • Profile
  • Game Listings

With the totally unexpected:

  • Player/GM Reputation Tracking and Leveling!
  • A Custom Scheduling System!
  • Balls-to-the-wall gaming spaces with all-the-things!
A summoning being performed

Why You Should Join

Our guild offers unlimited gaming to anyone with any means. Basic Membership is Pay-What-You-Can at any price per month. Those who pay greater than $50 also recieve free snacks and refreshments!

We have chosen this model to best meet our goal to bring Roleplaying to everyone. It is our hope that people who feel as we do will chose to pay a little extra to ensure that those who can't will get a chance to play.

Meet Your Destiny

Please note that The Bronze Coin is currently available for games by appointment only.


322 Main Street, Upstairs
Reisterstown, Maryland 21136


(717) 816-1940




Monday - Friday: 4PM - 11PM
Saturday: 10AM - 12PM
Sunday: 11AM - 11PM